Monday 11 June 2012

Enough of the rain already!

Apologies to all of my readers from more exotic climes for the following grumble, but here in the UK we are under the weather...mostly rain clouds. Ironically we are also living with a hose pipe ban because we are suffering a 'drought'. It hasn't stopped raining for weeks! And it has been raining constantly, for over twenty-four hours!
Anyway to cheer myself up I thought I would post some pictures of my holiday in Tunisia, only a few weeks ago..but oh how those weeks have flown.


  1. I know the feeling! Craving the heatwave back! x

  2. We've been getting rain here too. In fact, worse than that.. we got a pile of snow two days ago! Ugh. The price of living in the mountains I suppose.. but the river is rising and there are flood warnings in effect.

    Hope all gets better for you soon!

  3. The rain really has me down this year--I don't think summer is ever going to turn up! ;( I made biscuits to soothe my soul--stop by if you fancy. (Deep South biscuits American style, not cookies.)