Tuesday 14 May 2013

Pin It Forward UK

 May you live in Pinteresting times! (Ancient Chinese proverb)

(Click on the badge above to learn about Pin It Forward UK)

If you have been following my blog for some time you will have noticed my obsession with Pinterest as I often post blogs about my inspiration boards, I just love being able to have all my inspiration in one place and with the link back to the original image, great for recipes and craft projects. Whenever I start a new project or party to plan the first thing I do is create a new Pinterest board. I even have boards for dream projects that I hope someday, someone will commission. Joint projects are a breeze now too as you can invite friends or colleagues to pin to a board. And if you have a surprise party to plan you can even make a secret board. Obviously, many of my boards revolve around cakes and decoration, but I also have a board to inspire me while designing my front room's new look, a board for random coolness I come across and even (please forgive me) one to help with weight loss and fitness, (I eat a lot of cake!).

Anyway Pinterest is now having an official launch in the UK, it will make it easier to find local suppliers if you are looking for, say, a wedding dress or even a cake! They invited me to be part of Pin It Forward UK.
So if you haven't registered yet then you can here, (and what's stopping you? Even my Mum's at it!), or if you are already an addict, like myself, follow me here.

You can follow my Nevie-Pie Cakes board (above), and see all my latest work and any tutorials or recipes.

A big thanks to the lovely Laura from Keeping Healthy, Getting Stylish, (a fantastic blog with some really deicious looking recipes)  for her post. You can check out her board here.

And now it is my pleasure to pass on the baton and introduce Nisha from My Kitchen Antics, a fabulous blog with a mixture of  Indian and western recipes, with some lovely food styling. you can check out her boards here.

Happy Pinning!

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  1. Hi Natasha, I loved reading about how Pinterest has enabled you to collaborate for group projects more easily! Your work is amazing, I'm particularly admirative of your WWII cake, what a masterpiece! #PinItForwardUK