Monday 20 May 2013

Birds in bobble hats!

Who can resist a wedding cake that has birds in bobble hats and bicycling foxes? Not me, for one. 
I was looking forward to making this cake after seeing the gorgeous reference sent from the bride. I do love a bit of quirkiness.

 I only met the lovely couple a few weeks before the big day as they had been living in Australia. 
They brought the two fabulous fox toppers along with them and sheepishly admitted that they had made them themselves. I love that they had something so personal on their cake, although the responsibility of keeping them safe for a few weeks weighed heavy on my shoulders.

I really enjoyed painting this cake, my favourite bit is the foxes with the signs.
'You are very nice!'


  1. This is absolutely beautiful :) You are such an inspiration, and I was so happy to meet you / humbled to learn from you at a class at Pretty Witty in February!

  2. It's a beatifull! The foxes are very nice. I love thaY!

  3. Thanks Amanda, you are making me blush! xx

  4. such fun! what fun people! they are pretty talented themselves making their own fox toppers. As always you came up trumps, the cake is perfect. You should be very pleased.

  5. You are so talent!! What a gorgeous alternative to a normal wedding cake! x

  6. quirky I love and this is quirkiness at it's best!!

  7. This cake is absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see your next creation :-)