Tuesday 4 October 2011

Wedding cakes

I have been so busy recently, and feel that I have been neglecting you all, so I thought I should catch up and post some wedding cakes.
This cake was based on a design used for the lovely couples invitations. It was a repeated pattern of one rose. We decided to add a little extra interest with the border of roses.

For this next cake I never actually met the bride, we just communicated via e-mails and phone. It was ordered by a mutual friend as a wedding present and managed to survive a five hour journey to Cornwall.

The design is based on the flowers in the brides bouquet including Old Dutch roses, lavender, astrantia and ferns.

Finally, not a wedding cake but a fiftieth wedding anniversary cake. Daisy's are the ladies favourite flowers and she wanted a fairly simple design.

I have plenty more to show you when I get my archives sorted out (probably some time in March!)!


  1. Did YOU bring the cake to Looe? gorgeous though!

  2. Do you paint the cakes? So amazing!!

  3. Красиво ,та красиво!

  4. These are so gorgeous, one day I will be engaged and I will know where to come! I hope all the recipients and guests were over the moon!

  5. Absolutely stunning. Almost too good to eat, but I know I wouldn't be able to resist, so thank goodness for photos.

  6. Bellissimi lavori!!! Queste si che sono torte "Artistiche". Grazie per quest tue opere che sono da spunto per noi!!!