Monday 30 May 2011

A Special Party Invitation

On Saturday Mr LD and myself celebrated our milestone birthdays together with a group of family and friends.
We had a really fabulous night, I shall be sharing some photos soon but just to tease you here is the invitation.

When I asked my other half what theme he would like for the party (because everyone knows you need a theme!) he had no idea, but he didn't want anything too girly.

So I took myself to look at various party reference on the net, it was hard work but someone has to do it!  I found lots of gorgeous decorations in silver and green, a the combination I really liked.  I wanted the invite to tie in with the colour scheme, so I made a fairly plain cake and added some silver and green elements.

The invite read;


Please come and help celebrate our 40th Birthdays.

Gentle music,comfy chairs
and the opportunity to discuss
house prices, school places
and parking problems 
with like minded adults.

Gents; a nice shirt and comfortable shoes, no tie.
Ladies; wear your spanks!

Rennie and rescue remedy supplied on exit.

No slippers!

More pics soon I promise!
ps only a week to enter the competition to win a party from Amelie's House.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you guys had a great celebration- if the beautiful invite is anything to go by it must have been a really lovely night. I love the discussion topics at the party! Just need to add the price of holidaying abroad with the Euro as it is...

  2. hahaha Happy Birthday to you both. Hope the party isn't too sedate :)

  3. The cake looks fab!! And the invite is v funny - happy bday to you both xx

  4. Oh, to be middle aged again.........sigh........and to ever have cake so lovely to celebrate anything with..... having fun looking backwards through some posts......