Monday 16 May 2011

Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes

Image copyright Gretel Parker.

Twenty years ago I was a bright young thing setting out to college in Newcastle.  It feels like another lifetime ago, before I became someone's wife and then someone's Mum, I was my own person. The sound track to those years was shoe-gazing Indie music, we wore checked shirts and Doc Martins, drank cheap beer ,and lived a life of freedom. While I'm happy to enjoy wine and a little bit of country now, I'm also glad some things haven't changed, and one of those constants is the fabulous Gretel Parker.  She was a fellow illustrator on my course and has never given up on her dream.  
So last Saturday it was with great pleasure that I and my family took ourselves off to a launch party for her first books. 
 It is funny how we have both found a love of something other than just painting.  I have my cakes and Gretel has become an expert at needle felting.  Her quirky creations are much sought after and it was an obvious step for her to turn some of her characters into childrens' books.

So her two books are now officially launched (I know this because I went to the party).
Her first is Mrs Mouse's cupcakes...of course being about cupcakes it is close to my heart.  You can see the  gorgeous felt cupcakes at the top of the post.  Next in the series is a story about Meggy and Peggy Goose (or is that geese?)

For her party Gretel wanted to include a cupcake stall to raise money for a child bereavement charity.  You can read a moving post here to find out why this particular charity.
So I brought along some cupcakes for her sale.

As well as the good old staple, buttercream swirls, I included some painted versions of Mrs Mouse's house.  

The reason I chose this image is because it reminds me so much of Gretel's work at uni.  She has always had such a gorgeous whimsical style.

I also had to make some of Mrs Mouse's cupcakes, which I hope did the originals justice.

You can buy your own Gretel Parker's books here.
She has two lovely blogs. Middle of Nowhere has lots of little insights into her work, and Cotswold Peeps is a blog about her wanderings around the Cotswolds.
Keep a look out for her work, someone with such a great take on cupcakes is worth watching.
(I have photo's of her launch party but I'll save them for another day.)

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  1. A gorgeous post, Natasha, and your exquisite creations certainly did justice to Gretel's originals - works of art. I wish I'd been a bit quicker off the mark purchasing cupcakes!! xx

  2. Oh stop, I'm in tears! We (Andy and I) were so happy to have you there; Andy came up while I was dressing, grinning in disbelief and said 'Natasha's downstairs!'). Your cakes were utterly wonderful, I still can't quite believe that you made such a heroic effort for me, your contribution really put the cap on the party (NO-ONE is going to forget your Mrs Mouse cupcakes!) and I am about to send this to Janie and the rest at Templar. I am saying thank you an awful lot at the moment, but it bears repeating - thank you!! To all of you, Mr Lemon Drizzle was marvellous, and your girls are delightful. I am keeping that sticker forever. X

  3. Oh my - her felting is so cute! I've fallen in love with the topiary tree on Peggy's book!

    Those cupcakes look something special too. I've been trying to decide on a favourite, but I think they all would have had to come home with me! I hope they raised lots of money for such an important cause.

  4. Such a lovely post, I love Gretels work and am so pleased that her books have been published, and wow your cakes are amazing I did a double take when looking at that pic our yours next to Gretels, bet they tasted pretty good too.

  5. I'm new to your blog and I absolutely love it! i've been getting through the night feeds (3 month old baby not sleeping through!) by watching your flickr photostream. Your work is amazing!

    What do you use for the white paint on the strawberries? I adore that strawberry cup cake.


  6. Wow!!! What a wonderful friend you are!! Your cakes are lovely and a brilliant rendition of Gretel's felted ones. She is so lucky to have you in her life :-)

  7. Your cupcakes are fantastic! and i love Gretel's felted ones too xx

  8. THESE ARE SO ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! love the felted ones as well as real yummy ones.xo

  9. What a lovely post! I am a blogging friend of Gretel's and privileged to own three of her large needle felted creations and some smalls. She is a wonder and the sweetest person I have never met ;-> (someday we will meet)

    Your cupcakes are little works of art...beautiful!

    Looking forward to photos of the fun day.


    Janet xox

  10. i adore those fun cakes....make more like that...quirky I think. What a lovely post Natasha!

  11. Wow! Those are definitely amazing cupcakes....