Tuesday 19 October 2010


Some time ago I was a guest blogger for the fabulous Julie and Kirsty from The Copy and Paste Project, they are two fabulously talented designers.  So I asked if they would be interested in coming along to my own blog party and was delighted that they both said yes!  Tomorrow Kirsty has created some fabulous downloadable goodies but today it's Julie with some gorgeous eye candy.  Thanks Julie for coming along!

Hi there.
It’s lovely to be here helping Natasha celebrate her blog birthday, and not purely because I’ve been lured here by the scent of all those cakes …
No, it’s a way to say thanks to Natasha for bringing cake to the blog party we held when The Copy + Paste Project, the blog I co-host with Kirsty Neale, turned 1 earlier this year! And while I haven’t repaid the favour by bringing a bottle, I have brought some flowers …
As our blog’s name suggests, we like to take ideas from things we see and the paste them into our own creative projects … and when Natasha makes such beautiful confections I didn’t have to go very far before lighting upon some fabulously inspirational eye-candy!
So I’ve been copying Natasha’s hand-painted cakes, by photographing my collection of floral treasures which are so reminiscent of her designs. 

Copy = ‘Vintage Rose Cookies’:
Paste = A ceramic ring I found in an antiques fair, at least 15 years ago: 

Copy = ‘30th Birthday Cake’:
Paste = A Capodimonte style glazed rose found in my favourite vintage shop for £4:00!

Copy = ‘Vintage Tea cup Cake’
 Paste = More Capodimonte-esque items. A beautiful brooch from my late Nanna and some cheap-yet-pretty high-street earrings: 

Copy = ‘Painted Floral Cake’
 Paste = Vintage carved perspex handle which I found, neglected, inside a cupboard of the house we moved into! A true treasure for a vintage-loving rose-design freak like me!

And finally … 

Copy = ‘Painted 60th Birthday Cake Detail’
 Paste = An ‘up-cycled’ coat hanger, the making of which forms one of the twelve tutorial projects we’ll be delivering in the The Copy + Paste ‘12 Days’ workshop series  throughout November.

Ok then, I’ll leave it there for now. Partly because I have so many flowery items I could share that I’ll have you here all night and partly because after looking through so many of Natasha’s exquisite creations I’m pining for a sugar fix!
Enjoy the rest of the party here and, if you’re passing, you’re welcome to drop by my place sometime: Notes on Paper.
Julie J


  1. Love that little ceramic rose!

  2. Beautiful works! The 30th birthday cake is so gorgeous!

  3. Fabulous!Really love your style.

  4. ooo a beautiful marriage of two of my favourite blogs thanks to both of you.

    Love all the roses - feels like summer again. :)

  5. Your work is absolutely amazing! It seriously looks too good to eat. I haven’t seen anything like this in the states.

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