Wednesday 20 October 2010


Another fabulous guest post today from  The Copy And Paste girls.  Today a lovely free download for you from Kirsty.  Check out her gorgeous blog for even more downloads.  

As a creative jack of . . . well, maybe not all trades, but certainly a few too many, I completely adore the fact that cake decorating isn’t one of them! As a regular visitor to Natasha’s blog, it means I can sit here, sighing and admiring, and enjoying her beautiful cakes from an entirely objective point of view. For me, it’s very much a case of guilt-free inspiration, and that’s a pretty wonderful thing.

It does mean, however, I was briefly stumped when she asked me to write a guest post. While I enjoy whipping up a batch of brownies or tray of cupcakes as much as the next once-in-a-while baker, my skills are very basic and the end results nowhere near as pretty as a Nevie-Pie cake. What I am a little more experienced at, though, is covering up my culinary disasters, or occasionally (gasp!) disguising the cheat’s option, store-bought cakes. 

Cupcake wrappers are like your favourite black dress: they hide a multitude of sins and imperfections, but the best ones tend to be a little on the expensive side. I hope, however, the set I’ve put together for Natasha’s blog party might balance things out a little, being both pretty and completely free! 

Once you’ve downloaded them, (right click on the pictures above to download the jpg or click here and here for a pdf) simply print onto plain white paper or thin card and cut them out. Use a craft knife to cut along the slit, as marked, then curve the case round. Slide the hooked end through the gap to hold it together, and drop your cupcake inside. It’s worth printing off a single sheet to check the cases fit your cakes before you go ahead and print enough to house a whole batch. You can simply re-size, making them larger or smaller in your regular editing software if needs be. To add a little extra fancy to your finished cases, you could also trim along the top edge with scalloped scissors or pinking shears.

If you do decide to try them out at your next tea party, whether with handmade or store-bought cakes (I’m not here to judge), I’d love to see how they turn out.

Thanks so much for inviting me along to celebrate Natasha, and a very happy birthday to Amelie’s House.
Thanks Kirsty I shall definately be using these!


  1. What a thoughtful post I love these and will give them a try.

  2. These are awesome! I will be using them for sure!

  3. These are so much fun. We just spent the day making cupcake wrappers for two of my friends birthday parties.

  4. Love them, just what I need to step up my cupcake game. I my be crafty but, cupcakes are my weakness. Thanks for sharing!

  5. They're great. Now, I need to learn how to make cupcakes!

  6. these are lovely. now i need to make some cupcakes. ♥