Friday 15 January 2010

Homemade Christmas part two....

Yes I know, Christmas seems very distant now, but the snow and a couple of big orders have really put me behind!  Anyway as promised here are some of the homemade presents I received from my family.

My Mum made damson gin from their own fruit and then covered the gin soaked damsons in dark chocolate for a double whammy!

My sister-in-law always makes us a rich fruit Christmas cake, this year my eight year old niece took care of the decorations.

My brother is a keen chutney and pickle maker so we received these welcome treats from him along with some gorgeous unpastaurised cheese from here.
We were also given a huge pottery shell from my Dad which is covered in snow at the moment, I will post some pictures after the 'Big Thaw'!


  1. Hi Natasha. I love these sorts of presents the best don't you? We make our own sloe gin, but have never had damson. Sounds gorgoeus so if my little tree manages to produce well this year I will definitely give it a go x

  2. Mmmm, lovely home made Christmas - am liking the look of that cheese!

  3. That's made me feel very hungry. Love your work.

  4. You sure come from a family of chefs or at least good cooks. That layered dress on Angelina looks quite a task to make.