Tuesday 19 January 2010


Tomorrow is my birthday, so I thought I would make myself a virtual wish list, just to treat myself!

 I love graphic prints and this would make me very 'Happy Happy' in these dark winter months.  It is by farouche.

I thought I would need a little glamour to look good on my special day so this knecklace from Made With Love  would definately do the trick.

Then to feel extra cosy something beautiful for my house, so I'd need this gorgeous cushion (you can never have too many cushions!) from Helkatdesign on folksy.

Finally I am so in love with Agnes woolen wreaths, I love her colour sense and the quirky objects she finds, so I would definately love to treat myself to one of these!


  1. Happy Birthday Natasha! I hope Mr Lemon Drizzle manages to scrabble together some suitable Birthday Queen celebrations for you!

  2. OH Happy Birthday!! I love "Made with love" too
    her things are on my list too! Have a great day!

  3. Happy birthday...hope you had more wonderful presents x