Wednesday 7 March 2012

World Book Day 2012

Another year, another World Book Day!

Unfortunately this year I really didn't have time to make any cookies. But I feel it's become a tradition and I didn't want to  let the kidlets down. (I suspect they wouldn't have cared at all, but Mummy guilt is a powerful force).
So I asked the teachers what books the classes were reading that week to save me spending time thinking and researching ...'The Gingerbread Man' and 'Treasure Island'. In half an hour two class loads (thirty in each class...thank God I stopped at two kidlets!) of cookies were ready! (The time schedule explains the excessive use of Photoshop.)

If you want to see previous years cookies (I had so much more time then!) you can look here and here and here.


  1. You may not have had much time, but they are sooo much better than I could do even if I had all week!!

  2. The gingerbread man is great! We didn't have time to dress up this year either. Nevermind there is always next year. :)