Friday 28 October 2011

Monster snot and bogies...eugh!!!!


The kidlets have persuaded me to come up with a frightful recipe for trick or treaters. It is with great personal sacrifice that I post this, as I have a major aversion to bogies, stemming from a childhood trauma...I really can't go into it!

Anyway I haven't given any quantities as it's just basic meringue and we didn't put enough sugar in, so they tasted fairly foul too. I would suggest using your own tried and tested meringue if you want to create some monstrous bogies!

We used powder egg whites, we added water and beat them until stiff.

 Then we added sugar and beat again until nice and glossy. We separated the mixture into three bowls.

We then added food colouring, there were two greens and a yellow and layered the colours in a piping tube.

The kidlets had a tray each to create drips of bogie. Which went into the oven until crisp.

 The bogies were then packaged and labelled. Big kidlet helped come up with the monster image which we printed onto snot green card.

But look at these poor little monsters with terribly bad colds! Atchoo!

This one has the right idea though and has used a handkerchief to catch the oozing snot.

If you want to download a pdf of the label go here or right click on the image for the jpeg.

And don't forget kids "Catch it, Kill it, Bin it!"


  1. Completely gross but in a wonderfully creative way - I bet all the kids will love it!

  2. Baaahahaa! LOVE it! And I've got a couple of *adult* kids who will love it, too!! :)

  3. What fun!! Love the green photos and green hands.