Sunday 2 October 2011

Miss Cakehead's tasty Bridge of Cake

Last Sunday I was very excited to finally be making Miss Cakehead's tasty bridge of cake. There had been alot of preparation and much concern over the weather as it was an outside event. Fortunately it was a beautiful Summers Autumn day, just perfect!
I arrived early on Sunday morning with my friend Lizz, who is my right hand woman whenever I need help, to a gorgeous but eerily deserted Westgate Shopping Centre. We felt like we were in a post apocolyptic movie, but we soon found our way to the plaza where we were to build our bridge.

We began by laying our multi coloured blocks of cake onto the bridge structure and Lizz glued (with royal icing) the struts made from biscuits.

Then, the fun bit, adding details of butter cream icing, cupcakes, cookie pops and meringues.

I was really delighted with the result, and so were the crowds!

There were other bridges being built out of Lego, books, plants and textiles.

There were also the fabulous Tea Ladies who were marvelous fun!

At the end of the event Lizz and I cut up the bridge to be eaten. With so many people wanting a sample we had to put barriers around the bridge. I thought we would probably have to dispose of some of the items (especially the shop bought biscuits) but every last crumb was consumed. It was a massively successful day for everyone involved and I'm certain we brought a lot of cheer to the shoppers.

I'm not sure what crazy event Miss Cakehead is likely to lead me into next but I'm certain it will be great fun!

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  1. Love the colour of the "bricks" and the biccies and especially those tea I remember them or similar....from my youth!! Brilliant