Monday 7 April 2014

Afternoon tea at the Grosvenor

I was very fortunate to receive an invitation to a special press launch for a Paul A Young chocolate afternoon tea at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. I was so pleased that even though I was snowed under with work I was going to go and nothing was going to stop me! So I literally ran into town, sampled the amazing goodies and ran home back to the cake face.

I have loved Paul A Young chocolates since I first fell upon them (literally) and this was the most amazing afternoon tea ever.
Obvioulsy with Paul involved there was a chocolate theme running throughout the tea but there were other non-chocolate elements too.

To begin there was a glass of champagne, and an amuse bouche of melon, mango and pineapple. 

To drink there was coco nib tea which is really delicious. It smells like the richest hot chocolate ever but tastes so light and refreshing.
Then the afternoon tea arrived..hurrah!

I love a dainty sandwich and these were delightful, there was a chocolate and cucumber one which sounds a bit of a crazy combination, but actually worked really well. The chocolate was thin and crispy, and the cucumber slices were salted.
I did sample quite a few sandwiches but I didn't want to fill up too much as there were many varied and gorgeous cakes.

I started with some feather light scones topped with traditional clotted cream and then not so traditional salted caramel...mmmmmmm...words cannot convey....too good....
There was a chocolate biscuit with Madagascan chocolate ganache scented with rose and raspberry.
Earl grey chocolate tart with a salted lemon truffle
Orange, English honey and geranium ganache, this was my favourite and I could have eaten a bucketful!

Pistachio and raspberry slice, these last two items were non-chocolate which was a nice touch as it prevented the whole tea from becoming too sickly.
To finish there were three Paul A Young truffles, which were, as ever were, amazing.
I had a really lovely tea, with all the elements presented coming together to create an afternoon tea with a twist, that is a fabulous indulgent treat. The service at the Grosvenor was perfect with the waiters and waitresses being lovely and attentive with being intrusive.
The tea will be available from April 14th and if you are looking for a special Easter treat (or even just a treat) then I would heartily recommend that you book as soon as you can! 

Here is Paul himself, making sure we were all happy with his tea...which we were and then some!

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  1. Love sweet desserts are making my mouth water! Looks lovely!