Saturday 1 September 2012

Bar Mitzvah cake

I made this for a work colleague of Mr LD. His son is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah.
This is the first Bar Mitzvah cake I have made but I've a sneaking suspicion that it is not a very traditional version!

There were very specific instructions as to the design and fortunately Mr LD is a big fan of Family Guy so I knew who the characters were.

On a different topic, I had some very exciting news this week that I can't share for a few weeks, but I'm bursting to tell.


  1. This really appeals to my sense of humour and after all a Bar Mitzvah is a big celebration so I love it....Great Art Work, Beverley xoxo

  2. Great cake and yes not very traditional I feel but I bet Bradley will be thrilled.

    Keen to hear your good news. :)

  3. That is awesome! I love Family Guy. Very creative. : )

  4. Que LINDO BOLO.
    Adorei o seu Blog... Com certeza voltarei muuuuiiiitas vezes, e proveito à oportunidade para te convidar a visitar meu Blog.
    Beijos Márcia (Rio de Janeiro - Brasil)

  5. I can confirm that Bradley, and his dad (me), were amazed by Natasha's work of art. Bradley's Bar Mitzvah was a very special occasion, his performance was outstanding, and the celebratory meal was superb - but it is the cake that our guests are still talking about.