Thursday 16 February 2012

Holiday ideas

Are you wading through half term with your kidlets demanding to be entertained? 
Luckily we have a birthday party coming up so I have channeled their craftiness into projects to help the celebrations. But if you are stuck here are some ideas.

Make some shoes and then spend days explaining why they "can't go out in the snow just wearing cardboard!"

Make a giant Tunnock's Teacake (the online recipe seems to have disappeared. Cover a bowl with cling film and then pour melted chocolate around it. Melt two bags of marshmallow and pour into the chocolate covered bowl. make a biscuit base , the same as a cheesecake base. then press on top of the marshmallows. Chill.). This is quite possibly the most sickly thing on the planet. Even the kidlet's turned up their noses!

Desperately dig out all those little bits of cookie dough from the freezer you been saving for such a day as this! Squidge them together to make chocvanginger flavour.

Face paints! Minutes of fun, hours of tidying up!

Water balloons. Hours of preparation, minutes of fun, hours of mopping up!

Experiment with fizzy water and sultanas, fascinating!

ps if you do make the teacake and develop diabetes I am not accepting any liability!

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  1. LOL! Like your suggestions. That giant Tunnocks sounds like death by sugar alright!