Friday 18 October 2013

Cowgirl party

On the morning of the party I woke up in something of a panic. It was only the previous day that we had finished redecorating our house and I had invited fourteen seven year old girls around to play cowgirls! If it was a rainy day then we were doomed!
Fortunately the sun was shining ,and I breathed a sigh of relief. They could be thrown into the garden and banned from coming inside. Yee Haw!
Here are a few pictures of the dessert table I created for the party.

I based the cake on the neckerchiefs that we had given out as the party invites, with a cowgirl cut out as a topper. I photocopied one of the scarves and used that to cover the cake board. I hadn't had time to find hay bales so I used some straw from our rabbits bedding supply as decoration.

These were shotgun cupcakes, vanilla flavoured with popping candy sprinkled on top!

I also made cow hide refrigerator cake.
And hay bale cake pops.

My big kidlet made drawings of each party guest to go onto the goody bags and I made pony cookies.

I got the felt ponies for the goody bags from the always fabulous Heartfelt Handmade.

Obviously we had to have a pinata, which my eldest kidlet made for the party (it's great that I can give my instructions and then get on with other things!). You can find a tutorial for making your own pinata here.
The party girl enjoyed herself immensely, as did the guest. I'm not sure will prove to be last childrens party I host for my kids, the eldest is way past this stage and my littlest one shows signs of moving on too!
But I'm sure I can force myself onto some of my friends and party plan for their children.

Keep on Yee Hawing!
ps we did find some sticky hand prints all along our newly painted wall after everyone had left, (well we couldn't stop toilet visits) but fortunately they washed off!

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  1. What a beautiful cake and party pinata - such a shame to smash it with a stick. haha