Sunday 13 October 2013


Now I'm sure that you all think that I live the life of a jet-set top cake maker, constantly bustling to important meetings with clients and being flown to foreign lands to make cakes for VIPs. Much as I hate to disillusion you, this is not the case! I spend most of my time trying to get through the obstacle course of toys that the children have left scattered through my house. Or dealing with sick children (or rabbits) or trying to make tea for the family with one egg and some broccoli because I haven't had time to shop for food! So if I am given the chance to leave all this glamour behind me for a day and head off into the city, I jump at it. I had such an exciting day last week, so exciting in fact that it cannot be contained in just one post, so expect part two soon!

First up was Baketopia, a pop-up cake shop to launch National Baking Week.

This was an event curated by Miss Cakehead. Normally I would be fully hands on with such an exciting project, but I am on a tight deadline to finish the manuscript of my book (eek!) so I only had time to make a few little bits, some mushroom cookies and woodland creature cookies.

This amazing Shetland pony-sized, edible unicorn was made by the Tattooed Bakers and when it was cut revealed a rainbow cake inside.The fabulous Gnome is by Caking It

This vegetable patch was also made by Caking It, they are all cake inside!

The meringue tepee was made by the Meringue Girls and this gorgeous Jackalope was by the talented Conjurers Kitchen.
The whole display was an amazing feat of ingenuity and talent, and I was very glad that I could be involved even in a little way!

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  1. Your contribution was very pretty, doesn't have to be big to make an impact! I like the cabbage and slug contribution too although I think I might find it hard to eat it!