Wednesday 13 February 2013

Valentine's Day Cake

Are you looking for a fabulous recipe, so you can make a delicious treat for your special dreamboat? Or are you going to be single on Valentine's day and need a lip-smacking good cake to cheer you up?
Well look no further!
I have a tasty spicy cake you can make, as well as an easy topper to express your love, and a giveaway!
I know, I'm just too generous.
Well, first things first. I shall start with the cake. For well over a year Mr Lemon Drizzle (my very own dreamboat) has been asking me to make him zingerbread (made-up-name). He described it as gingerbread with lime, and pontificated about how it would amaze the world with it's awesomeness! After he has been pestering and pestering me for what feels like forever, I have been worn down. So, I decided to make it for him, as a Valentine's Day treat. 
I made the cake yesterday and wouldn't let him eat it as I had to wait for today to take pictures, but I gave him some cake shaving with some buttercream, and he became very excited and repeatedly shouted 'I was right!' and 'In your face gingerbread!'...from which I gather it is a success.

This is the recipe for the cake

I then made a syrup of rum, lime and sugar to brush onto the cake and I filled it with lime buttercream. You can download the full recipe here. (This should be free to download, please let me know if you have any problems.)

As you will be too busy romancing to decorate your cake in any complicated way, I have painted a cupid for you to add. Just right click onto the picture below and download the cupid. Print him off onto card and then cut him out and attach a cocktail stick to the back. Don't forget to add your own message.

And finally, the giveaway! The lovely people at Mermaid Cookware sent me this 20cm loose bottom cake tin to try out. It is a really good quality tin and fabulous for professional and hobbyists alike. And perfect for zingerbread!
'Made from hard anodised aluminium, the ultimate conductor of heat, the Tins help to ensure even cooking all the way through and come with a loose base for easy removal.'

How can I win? You ask.
Well, first you have to live in the UK (sorry rest of the world!)
Then let me know in the comment section what you would love bake for your sweetheart, leave an email address with your comment too.
Leave a separate comment if you follow me, if you link to this post via Facebook, Twitter or your own blog. So you could have up to five chances of winning (you would be leaving five separate comments).
The competition will close on Thursday 21st February at 12pm.  The winner will be drawn using
Good luck.

(I have received my own cake tin to test out for hosting this giveaway)
ps Have a lovely Valentine's Day


  1. Thanks for the recipe - I love ginger! but my husband loves chocolate so I shall be making chocolate brownies!!
    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  2. I'm a happy follower and I live in the UK!!

  3. goodness ...that is GOOD!! love it !

  4. I will bake my boyfriend marble cake
    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  5. This sounds like a really delicious invention - I will try it in the Summer for my wedding anniversary. Thanks for sharing. No cake tin for me I already won your last giveaway, good luck everyone else. Betty x

  6. Oooooooooh mucho delicousness...A W E S O M E

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  8. A cake with a heart shaped cupcake covered in sprinkles on top.