Monday 21 January 2013

Painting onto fondant tutorial

Yes, my online tutorial teaching you all you need to know about painting on fondant is about to go live!

But first up, a big apology for being MIA. Christmas was spent nursing my family back to health through their various ailments, culminating in a trip to the emergency care unit on New Years Day followed by the car breaking down whilst trying to get home. Then, when they were all better, (thanks to my amazing powers of healing...OK, Calpol and antibiotics) I succumbed to proper flu, really the only time I have ever had it, and it was horrible. I am feeling myself again now though, which is such a relief!
Anyway enough about me and back to the tutorial.

I hope to have the tutorial online and running within a week (ever the optimist). 
Sorry it has taken soooo long to get to this point.
 The tutorial will be available from my website and will cost £20 through Paypal, you will get an online video to watch and a pdf to download. 
I will be giving you general tips on how to paint onto fondant and you will learn how to paint ranunculus, gerbera, hydrangea and leaves, like the cake above. 
If you are interested in purchasing it you can sign up here to receive an email as soon as the tutorial is available. Again, sorry for the wait but these things always take longer than you think. 

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