Tuesday 29 January 2013

Cakes that time forgot

After Christmas, and illness, and then catching up on all the work that got put aside during that time, I am now trying to clear my camera. In doing so I have found some pictures that I haven't shared with you yet. So I have two random cakes that may take your fancy.

The first one was a toile de jouy cake. It was for a friend's sister's 40th birthday. She likes shabby chic and I'd wanted to do a one of these cakes for ages, so I persuaded my friend to go for it. 
When I was a textile designer I created a design which was a traditional toile de jouy with teddy bears and rabbits instead of people, I loved it. I would really love to do a wedding cake like this (not with the teddies though). 

I painted the characters to represent the birthday girl and her family.

This cake is a dummy I made last year for a photo shoot with Mr & Mrs Unique, an amazing website where you can find truly unique wedding suppliers, (I'm modestly including myself in that group!).
The shoot was at Anyhoe Park in Oxfordshire, an amazing venue, and the brief was fairly open, so this is what I came up with. You can see pictures from the shoot in Unique Bride magasine out now. I am hoping to be able to share some on here soon.

Come back soon for more cakey goodness.

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