Wednesday 21 December 2011

More gingerbread houses

I have  made a few bespoke gingerbread houses in the last few weeks and here are a couple of the designs.

This gingerbread house was ordered especially by someone very close to my heart. Big kidlet wanted to do a stall at the school fair and came up with a 'guess how many Pokemon are in the box' competition. So I was commissioned to create a Pokemon themed gingerbread house as the prize.

Of course, I didn't get to pick the Pokemon used, I was just handed a list .
 Evee (I've watched too much Pokemon!)is the all time favourite and had to make a special appearance.

Then another special commission from Miss Cakehead, for gingerbread houses with her beautiful (but often naughty) cats. As they are so mysterious looking I wanted to create an enchanted christmas cottage where magic fills the air.

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