Friday 9 September 2011

A Special Birthday Cake

It was Mr LD's birthday recently, a very special one.
We had our party in May but how could I let this day go by without a special birthday cake.
He is quite the Japanophile having visited that country on numerous occasions. His love for all things Japanese has been handed down to his offspring, we all love the film MY Neighbour Totoro and I bought him a Totoro film poster (not an original I'm afraid) as one of his presents.
He had requested a Totoro cake last year but I never got round to it so I decided this was the year to try.
This is the most carved cake I have made, his arms, legs and ears were squished rice crispie bars, but I was fairly pleased with the final effect.
The kidlets wanted to join in too, so big kidlet made a figure and the blue Totoro, and little kidlet made the mini Totoro's. The birthday boy was very pleased with it all...oh and of course it was lemon flavour!
(You can see more of our Totoro obsession in this post)
(And if you want to see some really amazing carved cakes have a look here.)


  1. Just got to comment about the cake. It is perfect. We are big Totoro fans and I'll have to show my children this cake. Happy Birthday, Mr Lemon Drizzle.

  2. That is one glorious birthday cake! #jealous

  3. Love those two little girls snuggling and screaming with laughter!

  4. Brilliant cake and happy birthday Mr LemonDrizzle :)