Thursday 23 June 2011

Cakey Perry

(Cakepops and photograph by MollyBakes)

Greetings loved ones!
I am very excited (can't you tell?) to be taking part in Cakey Perry, the next event from the fabulous Miss Cakehead.

This event is a pop-up high tea extravaganza inspired by the video to Katy Perry's 'California Gurls', and the paintings of Will Cotton who was the art director on the video.

I even have an official title!  How cool is that?  I am the Art Director.  
We will be styling the room so it's a candy land adventure. As well as a cake stand full of goodies for each table there will be a dessert table (but would you expect anything less?).

There will be fun and surprises and games to play.  We may keep you waiting at the door until you can throw a six!
If you can catch a flying meringue you can add it to your stash and why not have a go at a cupcake decorating balloon?

The high teas run over three days from 29th - 31st July in London (the destination is secret until you've booked).  They are £20 each at the moment but hurry as they go up to £25 in July.
You can get your tickets here.


  1. Love it, fabulous!

  2. amazing!! I see that you are participating in The Mad Tea Party from A Fanciful am I. I am a novice cupcake artists and everything tea lover. Your blog is great! Look foward to having tea this Saturday. HEre is my teaser...