Sunday 4 July 2010


I started this blog about three weeks ago and am determined to post while there are still some elderflowers on the trees!  So here goes.

Every year I get very excited when the elderflowers start blooming, I feel as if summer has really arrived.  Of course very often the sun hasn't, but the smell of the elderflower makes me feel summery anyway!

So here is the recipe for elderflower cordial. It is so easy to make that I am always tempted to make gallons of the stuff especially as we are surrounded by so many beautiful elder trees, and if I had a bigger freezer I would.

On a sunny morning, or in the UK just wait for a break in the clouds, go out and gather your elderflowers.  You could make the five minute stroll to the field by yourself.  Or you could take two little people with you and make it an hour and a half nature walk...ok when I say 'nature walk' what I actually mean is stopping and pointing at every stick in the path and shouting 'I'm the stick man!' and being so petrified of brambles or nettles or dog poo that you become frozen with fear every 30 seconds.
Once you have return to the safety of the house and downed, sorry, partaken of a small(ish) glass of wine to recover from the nature walk (I had a vision of my family being very outdoorsy...we are not!) make your cordial. 

The recipe follows.  Enjoy!


The cordial will last for a few months in a dark cool spot or you can freeze it for some summery goodness in the winter. 


To strain the cordial I use a clean tea towel in a sieve, you can use a muslin if you have one. 
Remember to sterilise your bottles.

As I write the kidlets are finally asleep and I am enjoying my elderflower cordial mixed with sparkling water and wine....and relax.



  1. I wish I could have some right now. Delicious.
    Thank you for sharing. Love the photos.

  2. How did you know I was looking for a recipe for Elderflower cordial? You must be a mind reader. I am off now to pick me a bunch.

  3. Okay, I have lurked outside your blog long enough. Time to "come out" and say how beautiful it is. The presentation on this post is breathtaking. Love the instructions over the embroidery - exquisite!

  4. and use it to make elderflower cheesecake!

  5. Thanks for the recipe.
    A beautiful post.

    I'm trying elderflower champagne.
    But not very hopeful at the moment.

  6. I love this post your photos are beautiful. I have never tried Elderflower cordial...Me and Fee will be on the hunt for Elderflowers later. Have a lovely week xx

  7. Another stunning post from you! I love the way you've put the cloths with the elderflower. Great work!!

  8. such a beautiful post, can I try some next tues?? x

  9. Yep, it's one of my favourite drinks Ntasha. I also love elderflower champagne don't you? x

  10. I'm drinking mine with vodka, it's a taste sensation :)
    Twiggy x

  11.  Yes I'd be attempting to make some a 'daddy drink'. I like the sound of the champagne, and now vodka has been mentioned. The mind boggles!