Sunday 24 March 2013

World book day cookies, part two

Sorry about the delay, I have been crazy busy recently, I am seriously thinking about hiring a PA...I just need to find someone who is prepared to be paid in cake!
This is the second part of my world book day cookies. The first post is here.

Eldest kidlet's class have been reading the first Harry Potter book together. she tried, valiantly, to get me to paint the characters, especially Hagrid, but I knew I wouldn't have time. So I popped over to Wikipedia and found a list of spells used in the Harry Potter series, a sprinkling of glitter (of course) and abracadabra, a set of cookies!


  1. I love these! They're so much more creative than cookies of the characters would have been too. :)

  2. How clever and resourceful a Mummy are you? haha. Brilliant cookies too. :)