Monday 4 July 2011

Painting on cake class

Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of teaching a group of lovely cake makers how to paint on fondant.
The class took place in my local arts and crafts shop, but they came from near and far, with one person even travelling down from Scotland.

I eased them in to the technique by starting small. They each had four fondant discs to paint a spray of roses.
Then straight into the deep end with a dummy cake.

I gave them a demonstration of how I do it first and then armed with crib sheets they began painting themselves.

Most of them had never attempted this before but they were all very pleased with their cakes and hopefully we'll be seeing some of their own soon.
I will be teaching this same class again on the 27th September and also a gingerbread house painting class on the 26th November please e-mail me if you would like details;


  1. Wish I could attend!They all did a great job!

  2. I had the most amazing day and can't quite believe what I achieved never having painted before. I'd love to do the gingerbread house course. Thanks again. You are a marvel!

  3. This looks beautiful!
    Seems like your teaching skills are equivalent to your painting skills!

    If may ask: what kind of brand do you use for the colour "white"?

  4. This is just SO stunning, i love, love, love it!! I am going to try this myself. Painting part no problem, my trouble is rolling out smooth enough fondant on the cake lol


  5. It looks just like china. I'm very impressed!

  6. These are absolutely fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration! xo

  7. Marvelous thoughts they are! Thanks for sharing! House painting Seattle

  8. All you remarkable cake artist are so far away.
    I think you all should move to Philadelphia, so that I may learn from true artist.
    Absolutely Beautiful

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  10. very lovely:) i hope i can have one of these cakes for my upcoming birthday:)

  11. These are so beautiful. A Work of Heart ( I mean Art) x

  12. All of them are good students. They were able to paint the cakes beautifully; of course through the help of the talented teacher!:p
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  14. This people are definitely professionals group.

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  15. sooooooo beautifull! i wish you will come to visit indonesia, jakarta! :)

  16. Beautiful! It looks like a woven fabric or glass. This cake class is a good start to learn pastry baking skills.

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  17. It's beautiful! You must be really pleased with it. I have been tempted to do this course for a while now. Might have to bite the bullet.

    By: Irene of Federal Way Painter

  18. Very Beautiful. I just love it.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  19. WOW.....!! Those are WOWWWW!!!!
    I wish could learn this method online

  20. Just curious, I have question, what kind of food grade paint you use in these cakes. Thanks.

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