Thursday 17 April 2014

No-sew Easter table runner (from Pin to win!)

I have close to 4,000 pins on my many Pinterest boards. Most of them I have pinned with the hope that one day I will bake, make or recreate them.... but that day never arrives! Until now!

I pinned this table runner (which I love) a good while ago and today I decided to make it!  I wanted to give it my own spin (but you can get the original instructions here). So I made it with pretty spring-like floral fabrics, I am not going to pretend this a tutorial, it's more like vague descriptions and pretty photos, but hopefully it is clear enough to help you recreate it , if you want, and why not add your own spin. 

As it is no sew, I didn't hem the runner, just tell people that it is 'rustic'. My runner is 40cm x 190cm, I made it long enough so that there is a slight hang over each end of the table.

Begin by making the pom-pom tails. Trace the pom-pom maker template onto very thick card and cut out. Wrap wool around the ears. 

Tie a length of wool around the middle, take the pom-pom off the bunny ears and cut the edges. You may need to trim the pom-pom.

Choose your fabrics for the bunnies and iron them flat. I used bonda-web to attach the bunnies to the runner, it is also called wonder-web, but it may be called something different in other countries. It basically fuses two fabrics together. 

Trace the bunny template onto the bonda-web, I had six bunnies on my runner, but you could have more, or less. Roughly cut out around the design then iron the bonda-web onto the fabric. Peel off the backing and then iron the bunny onto the runner.

Finally use the glue gun to attach the fluffy tails.

You can right click on the image above to download the template as a jpeg, or download a pdf here.

Then add some flowers, fluffy chickens and gorgeous props and voila! a very pretty Easter table.
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  1. I just love Pinterest! You're fulfilling the Pinterest dream and actually DIYing! Hurrah!

    B x