Monday 8 April 2013

Mulling it over

I thought you may like a little insight into my creative workings!
I am making some dummy cakes for a fabulous wedding show in a few weeks here. (Tie the knot at Hexton Manor, Hertfordshire, Sunday 21st April). One of my fellow exhibitors is a lovely lady from my town who I first met years ago in antenatal classes. She has since set up a fabulous business writing poems for wedding, birthdays and special occasions. Her company is called Bespoke Verse and is well worth checking out if you need a very personal present for someone special.
Anyway I rashly suggested we collaborate and I paint one of her poems onto a cake! I have been mulling over how to do this for some time now as there are some lovely poem cakes out there but I wanted to do something different and think I have found the solution.
So here are some beautiful pins that have helped me get there. 
I keep a design Pinterest board for things I see that aren't necessarily cakes but really inspire me, or spark something that I may be able to turn into a cake design. You can follow my design board here and try and guess what I'm up to!

I can't find the source of this picture I'm afraid.

Then I remembered this book which I won for an art prize when I was at school.
You are probably looking at these images and wondering where I am going with it, well don't worry there is a plan and if it all goes horribly wrong, a plan B.

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