Thursday 11 October 2012

Trashed Trifle Cake

This was made for a creative agency in London who wanted a something for a cake competition with other agencies. They asked for something different, so I used the idea from Kerrang to take something a bit partyish and cheesey and trash it.

It was made from three fruit cakes, two in the bowl and one as the pork pie.

I'm glad to say it won the prize for the best cake and was then raffled off for charity.


  1. Thats amazing and congratulations, so different and really effective.

  2. That is spectacular - probably the best ever off the wall cake! How on earth do you do cigarette butts!

  3. wow, congratulations... but I wouldn´t eat one piece *uh* ^^

  4. I know someone would have a pork pie....even if it's cake!!