Tuesday 24 May 2011

Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes (part two)

Finally, I have found time to show you the actual party.

When I first met Gretel she was wearing these boots, well not this actual pair but the same make and style.  (I believe they are army surplus, but could be wrong.)  Anyway she didn't let me down and was sporting this fine pair for her launch party.  She had bowed to convention and bought a dress, but these are her quirky illustrator boots.  I was trying to persuade her to go for a quirky illustrator hat, but I think she is right.
You can see her hand above clutching a Sharpie and signing my copy of 'Peggy's Lost Pennies'.  I was so pleased for her, this was a day long in the coming but very much deserved.
You can also see a small picture of Gretel realising she had called the wrong number on the raffle, swearing, and then remembering it was a children's party!

These are the felt characters that are in Mrs Mouse's Cupcakes and Peggy's Lost Pennies.  Aren't they amazing?  Gretel very kindly raffled off some of her felt works for charity.  Unfortunately we didn't win! Ah well she is threatening to hold another fund raiser next year.

There was also a cake stall to raise money.  Many of Gretel's friends donated cakes and then bought more back!

As it was a children's party there was plenty for them to do other than eating cakes.  
There were games, a competition to sculpt Mrs Mouse out of playdough, toys, face paints, a literary quiz (we didn't win that either) and a table full of food.
I chased this beautiful cat around all day trying to get a picture.  I eventually found him curled up on a sofa as the party was finishing, obviously exhausted from the festivities.

We had a lovely day and the kidlets were full of awe to meet a real author. 
You can find Gretel's blog here and you can buy her books here.

Thanks Gretel...see you next year, if you've recovered!


  1. Ooooh...ahhh...so much prettier than my gargantuan elephant of a blogpost! (I might steal your patchwork picture idea) - I didn't get to see most of my own party, I was either in the signing room or in a foggy haze of tiredness, it does look fun - can I come next year? Thank you Natasha, I know you have a hundred and one more important things to do than blog about my party - but the cupcakes table does look utterly gorgeous! ♥♥♥

  2. What fun! I love all the colors too. :)

  3. Of course there had to be bunting! Wouldn't be a real part without it. How I wish I was there to have the chance of taking home one of her lovely lovely creations.

  4. What a wonderful whimsical party and I absolutely LOVE your cupcakes! They are so adorable and very artistic! Fabulous!