Wednesday 5 January 2011


I ran out of time before Christmas to show you my grotto, so apologies for dragging you backwards but I was quite proud of it and wanted to share!

Every year after Christmas I go to our local garden centre to buy half price decorations.  Last year I was swept away by these giant glittery apples which I purchased without having a clue where to put them.  I think they fit in well though with my glittery Christmas theme. 

A few days ago we made our annual trip to the garden centre. 
Mr Lemon Drizzle called me over to see something he had picked up. 
"Look at these giant apple" He said.
I stared at him in shock.  "We have two of those already!"
"Do we?"
"Yes they have been sitting in the dining room for three weeks!"
Why do I bother!

Anyway it was rather mean pickings this year so I'll have to get the kidlets crafting again.

These little men are some of the first decorations LD and myself bought together.

This is my felty/crafty/toy corner.

I still have one more Christmassy post to go and then I can turn my mind to the New Year.  
Please let me know what you enjoy reading on my blog and what you would like to see more of this year.


  1. Men are hopeless aren't they - walk around with their eyes closed.
    I love your baking posts and cake dec ideas.

    Jo x

  2. Oh do I see some Gisela Graham there? Not as nice as your owl houses!

  3. Just starting to eat our gingerbread house, but I cant bring myself to eat the owls. Your brother on the otherhand doesnt mind.

  4. The owl bird house is perfectly precious.

  5. Hi..can you please make a tutorial on how to draw/paint on cake or cookie..thanks

  6. Wonderful decorations. Christmas is about to be celebrated at the weekend I think by the orthodox chrictians. So just in time!

  7. Wonderful pictures, beautiful blog! Happy weekend to you, love Maaike

  8. These are beautiful pictures!
    Have a happy happy 2011!! xx