Friday 26 November 2010


I have managed to get myself organised in time and arrange a giveaway, hurrah!
So, to thank you all for your support of my blog, you could win some Amelie's House goodies.

First up is an Amelie's House calender, there is only one left in my Folksy shop here if you don't want to risk not winning.

Then a fabric picture made by me of...cakes of course!

A sexy Christmas stocking to hang on your mantlepiece.

There are also these two for sale in my shop.

 Six Amelie's House Christmas cupcake picks.

 An Amelie's House Brooch.

 Some magic reindeer dust, contains real magic, also for sale in my shop.

 And finally a beautiful cupcake tree decoration from Heartfelt Handmade.

You would love to win this stash in time for Christmas?
You want to know how?
What that's?  You want me to stop asking stupid questions and get on with it because I'm begining to sound like Bruce Forsythe.

Here is a sneak peak of my gingerbread house for this year and some of the inspiration that I used.

And here are two of the previous years houses.
 I seem to have a bird theme going on and can't stop myself!
Anyway all you have to do to win is follow this blog and leave me a comment telling me what your dream gingerbread house would look like.  If you tweet, blog or facebook about the giveaway you can also be in with an extra chance of winning.
I will draw the lucky name out of a hat on Monday 6th December.
Good luck!
Sorry the giveaway is closed now!


  1. Hi! I follow your blog via GFC and I love it! Great giveaway! How cute is the magic reindeer dust! My dream gingerbread house would be full of little thin elves with pointed ears and beautiful and ethereal fairies. I would also add some other forest things such as red mushrooms with white polka dots.
    Marta GarcĂ­a
    martaplayita @

  2. Oh tiny Dolly Mixtures to remind me of being a child when a few of these would fill my hand! x

  3. How darling!!
    My dream gingerbread house would be ornate, full of victorian scrolls and adornment...lots of icicles, stained-glass windows.
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  4. I love all your stuff, so cute and so creative, how to enter the giveaway, please let me know..i hope i will win one. I love your gingerbread house..

  5. My dream gingerbread house would be a doll house, I always want to have a doll house when I was little, but never have one. So, i would love to have a gingerbread house and inside the house is the stuff for my doll...must be fun...

  6. Love it all! Especially the shoes! Would love to wear a pair of those!!! xxx <3 xxx <3 xxx

  7. If I were to make a gingerbread house I'd make one that looked it was from a fairytale with stained-glass windows, ivy made of royal icing going up the walls, little lollipops in the garden, trees made of candy floss and chocolate buttons for tiles. Now if only I was as creative in real life as I am in my imagination...

  8. My perfect gingerbread house would have reams and reams of bunting and vintage birds and basically lots of lovely prettiness xxx

  9. Your blog is such fun! I have never really thought about a gingerbread house. In fact, this is going to be my first year attempting one.

    I think that the PERFECT one would have a Victorian touch with some classic red and green for the holidays.

  10. My dream gingerbread house.....think it would have to be big enough to fit me inside it, so I could spend the day eating all the goodies stuck to the walls! (I had a bit of a thing for Hansel and Gretel when I was little, so I'd be playing out a bit of an indulgent fantasy!)

  11. My dream gingerbread house would be a fabulous gothic one with mini edible gargoyles xx

  12. My dream gingerbread house would be like a winter ice castle...pretty and sparkly xx

  13. Wow! Your gingerbread houses are so beautiful!
    My dream gingerbread house would be a toadstool cottage for a little gnome family, or maybe a big tree stump with a birdie and squirrel living in it.

    hugs & happy holidays,

  14. Love your work, and yr blog, I am a follower from over on Flickr dream house would have to first taste delicious with warm aromatic spices, and then I guess it would have to have a Wizard of Oz theme, 2 stripy legs sticking out the bottom, poor wicked witch :( and Dorothy and Toto peering out of the window.....a hurricane up above of course the Ruby slippers...... :)
    Keep making your magic Natasha :)Fiona x

  15. I love, love, love your blog! Your cookies and cakes are incredible!

  16. oohh i love those little birdie houses - soo cute! hhmm my perfect gingerbread house would look like the house hansel and gretel found in the woods, reminds me of my childhood :-)

  17. Your work is almost too beautiful to eat. My dream gingerbread house would be fairy tale inspired. Maybe the 7 dwarfs cabin from Snow White, or grandma's cabin from Little Red Riding Hood, etc.. There's just something about fairy tales & gingerbread houses that seem to go together for me.

  18. Ooooh mine would be covered in loads of colourful intertwined snakes!

    karen s

    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  19. Hi!
    Tks for the giveaway.

    well i'm a fan on flickr, and a follower on facebook.

    my perfect girgerbread house would be with cutie cats spreading the joy of christmas and tiny birdies flying around with some holly. :)
    and of course cotton, lots of cotton.

    Vanessa aka Algodao

  20. here it is,
    my Dream gingerbread house...a HOGWARTS school gingy structure! Sound amazing? oh, and lets have it have candy stained glass windows. and fake snow, being marshmallow fluff.

  21. I would like a farmhouse gingerbread house, so cute!

  22. My dream gingerbread house would look like a combination of Noah's ark (but with the animals on the outside rather than the inside) and a Kew Gardens hot house. It'd have lots of foliage and wild animals and birds all over and around it!

  23. My dream gingerbread house would be pink, purple, and aqua with lots of bling and lights.

  24. I can't wait to see more of that enticing owl gingerbread house!

  25. Your gingerbread houses are amazing! My dream gingerbread house would have to be pink and glittery with pink and lemon butterflies on the roof and fairies living inside.
    Thanks for the chance to win its such a generous giveaway. Dx

  26. My dream gingerbread house would probably look very similar to yours - they're beautiful! What a great idea use a birdhouse floral theme!

  27. I love your work, it is so pretty. You are very talented. My dream gingerbread house would have to be something magical, like from a fairy forest. Toadstools, trees, a lamp post, fairies, snow, a glow from the windows, and a tiny tea party out on a tree stump in the snow with animals all around.

  28. Hello,
    lovely work , nice cupcakes, adore the santa faces.
    My dream gingerbread house will have dragonflies on .
    As I am a dragonfly fanatic.
    Am a follower now.
    Hope to win,

  29. Gorgeous as always!
    I'm a follower! And my Cupcake house would be standing on one leg and would look like a something I've never seen. Snow, icicles and pretty pipping.

  30. Sorry the giveaway is closed now!