Sunday 12 September 2010


What's that.... you're here for the party?
Oh no!  I'm so sorry but you're a few days late.
What?  You'll settle for seeing the pictures instead?
OK, here we go.  Pink dresses on, please!

We have bedecked the whole house in pink.


Luminarias and bunting.

Pink banners

 Pink flowers.

 Even pink owls... a contribution from big kidlet (we all love to party plan!)

Of course, what would a party at Amelie's House be without a cake...

I took the motif from the invites.


 Iced gems.

 Cake pops.

And party bags.

We didn't even hold back on pink for the boys.

The party bags had pink wand cookies for the girls and pink dinosaurs for the boys, pink sweets, pink balloons, pink torches... a lot of pink.
Fabulous pink feltiness from the wonderful Marie.

And then we had the party games. As they were only little children at the party we made do with 'pass the parcel' and 'musical bumps' for entertainment. At the very last minute I bought a selection of bubble wands and just sent the ten 4 year olds into the garden to play, which was a great idea!

I promise the pinata tutorial really soon!  It was highlight of the party for most of the kids.

 And within two hours, all that was left of six months planning were happy memories and cake crumbs!


  1. Oh it looks so pretty, I'm sure she will remember it for years to come!

  2. What a wonderful party...i love the owl pictures xxx

  3. GORGEOUS!!! I'm am very lucky to have experienced N's wonderful pink party first hand, each detail was perfection. An amazing job! :o)

  4. Love everything about your little one's party. Especially love the cake :)

  5. I'm sooo jealous that I wasn't there. I think maybe I am tooo old and toooo far away. Hopr that you recover dear girl all of your energies for the next onslaught!

  6. Love the decor! Wish I would have had a party like this when I was younger!

    Saw your photo on Craft Gawker (new subscriber)!

  7. Loving your work.... I will never get the chance to indulge like this as I have two boys... but it's nice to dream!!!!!

  8. So lovely! My daughter would adore a pink party.