Tuesday 5 January 2010


My family and I try to make as many presents for each other as is possible.  Now I know that Christmas seems a long time ago but as I relaxed over the holidays I ground to a complete halt, so this post is alot later than I had planned.  Anyway I hope you still enjoy this post-seasonal post!

Every summer one of our projects is to pick lavender from our garden and dry it.  We strip the flowers in the half-term holidays and then make lavender bags at Christmas.  The cow fabric is from a dress I wore as a baby (my Mum can't throw anything away!)

I make the Christmas puds every year and always put in lots of coins (and brandy).

 Cookie mix courtesy of Bakerella.

Many of my friends and family received one of these little chaps.

My Mum showing off her new scarf.  I found the pattern in a Martha Stewart Living.
Hopefully soon, now I'm back to normal life I can post the pictures of the presents I received.
One last thing...Happy New Year!  I hope it's a crafty one!

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  1. quite the craft christmas indeed! i love the scarf.